Professional Habit Tracker in Notion v2.0

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*UPDATED Dec 24, 2022*:

  • Added guides to automate almost everything in the habit tracker, so the only thing you have to do is check your habits!
  • Used the newly released features by Notion to calculate monthly averages and display the data in a more comprehensible way.


After several months of trying to find the perfect habit tracker in Notion, I found that current trackers are either:

  • Too complex: So you will have to play with formulas in order to customize it for your own needs
  • Too simplistic: So they won't actually help you in making your habits stick and you'll just be checking off habits.

So I decided to build this habit tracker to solve these 2 problems.

Before having this tool:

🔴 I didn't have the motivation to be consistent with my habits

🔴 I had to think about how well or not so well was I doing TODAY in terms of my habits. Was I still on track for my weekly goals?

🔴 I wasn't able to see trends in my habits, so I couldn't tell what was causing my habits to not be consistent and where to focus on to improve.

🔴 Entering data from my phone was a pain.

🔴 I couldn't edit the weekly frequency for each habit. I was forced to do them "every day", but that was too much!

After having this tool:

🟢 I'm motivated to see how my aggregated data turns green over time and thus motivate me to be more consistent with my habits.

🟢 My dashboard tells me if today I MUST do my habit in order to don't fail this week. I don't have to wonder whether I'm on track or not.

🟢 I can easily see my habit trends and decide whether I have to focus more on one habit or another.

🟢 I'm often on the go and now I can input data from my phone very easily through the dedicated input page.

🟢 I can edit the desired weekly frequency for my habits (i.e. working out 4 times a week) and the system will count that as a success.

So, how am I actually solving all this?

Let me explain.

1. Onboarding process

This tracker has a step by step process that guides you into customizing the tracker for exactly your own needs.

No need to mess with formulas if you want to add or remove habits.

Everything's taken care of during the onboarding process, which you can take as many times as you want.

2. Custom habit cycles

You can track habits that only need to be completed a few times each week.

Doing a habit 7 days a week is too high of a goal and this may discourage you from even trying.

This system allows you to select how many times per week you plan to do each habit and will calculate your success according to that.

3. 10 habits ready to be tracked

I don't think many people need to track more than 10 habits (I track 4 myself), but if you need to, there's a guide inside on how to add more habits to track.

4. Easy input (mobile friendly)

Input is as easy as creating a daily entry and checking your habits off the list.

The rest is automated

This is also very mobile friendly! Just favorite the page and off you go!

5. Warns you when you're near to failing your habit goal

You wanted to read 4 times a week, but it's Sunday and you've just read 3 times?

Don't worry. You won't have to remember that.

This system will tell you and get you moving.

6. Aggregates all the data in a visually pleasing table

"What doesn't get measured, doesn't get improved".

If you agree with this statement, you'd love to know that all the data you input daily will be aggregated in this visually pleasing table.

It's so easy to see which habits are sticking and which ones we need to focus on.

(yes, I need to focus on my reading and I'm nailing my writing)

7. Powered by automations

If we make habit tracking hard, you're neither going to keep tracking your habits nor doing them! And that's not what I want.

I have added two video tutorials on how to automate everything in the habit tracker (creating days and weeks automatically) so the only thing you need to do is your habits.

8. Fully automated dashboard

Everything you need to see and access lives in this dashboard.

It is very easy to navigate so you'll always know where everything is.

This is what the first users are saying about the template 🥲

If this has resonated with you and you want to start 2023 with the right tool to help you achieve your habits, click on the "I want this!" button!

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Professional Habit Tracker in Notion v2.0

6 ratings
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